Le Creuset Cookware - Canada's Favourite Brand

For almost a century, generations of passionate cooks have colored their homes with vibrant Le Creuset cookware products of all sizes, shapes and purposes. Known for its legendary cast iron cookware, Le Creuset products quickly became staple items in homes around the world in the company’s first ten years of business, when professional chefs and home cooks took notice of the many advantages their cookware offers.

Le Creuset’s dedication to innovation and quality has allowed them to consistently offer their customers expanded lines of cookware, bakeware and cooking utensils and accessories. Used at the table, in the oven or on the stovetop, Le Creuset cookware is versatile, chip-resistant and has superior heat retention that locks in flavour - keeping food moist and tender for hours. From French ovens and skillets, to bakeware such as pie dishes and loaf pans, we offer a large selection of Le Creuset cookware products that will ensure confidence from the kitchen to the dining room.

General FAQs

What is Le Creuset Cookware Made Of?

Le Creuset is known for its cookware made of premium quality cast iron. It uses standard methods to produce pans, pots, and more that are durable and safe to use.

What is a Le Creuset Dutch Oven?

Le Creuset Dutch oven is a heavy-duty cast-iron pot used for cooking all types of dishes, from braises to bread. They are coated with an easy-to-clean enamel and come with tight-fitting lids.

Is Le Creuset Cookware Worth It?

Authenticity is the primary reason why Le Creuset is so popular. It is a top-quality brand that offers a wide range of reliable products for your kitchen. Their durability and quality are what makes them worth the money.

Does Williams Food Equipment Carry Most of Le Creuset Cookware?

Williams Food Equipment carries the largest selection of Le Creuset cookware and bakeware in Canada. We offer the best prices for kitchen products such as French Round Dutch ovens, skillets, non-stick braisers, and more.


The Beginnings of Le Creuset