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Pressure Cookers


Food Prepared Pronto!


Everybody is looking for a hack, or a cheat, to make life a little easier. A pressure cooker does just that! Save time, effort, and money with a pressure cooker. These modern miracles that have become ultra-safe now, so never worry about accidents!  A pressure cooker is a no-brainer when it comes to saving time and saving your nutrients. 


The Power Of Steam


If your grandma has told you, “Never to mess with a pressure cooker, they can blow up in your face!” Well…She is a bit incorrect in these times. A modern pressure cooker will never blow up on you with the latest technology in the release function. 

Now that it is safe to go back inside, the pressure cooker will be your best friend when you forgot dinner. The pressure cooker will get it done asap, holding onto all the humidity and nutrients, providing dinner in an hour! Did you ever know that’s the easiest way to can preserves is with a pressure cooker?


Fall Is In The Air


Staying at home during these times has been essential. Breaking out the pressure cooker to make a venison stew in less than hour sounds great once it gets a bit colder! The smells emanating from the pressure cooker when ready will waft to the second floor in a heartbeat!


The Size & Shape That Fits You


Pressure cookers are now in handy volumes to fit all budgets and family sizes. Ranging from 6 litres to 10 litres will make choosing simple. The Zavor Duo has 4Qt & 6Qt capability. All come typically as shiny stainless-steel vessels. 


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