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Lodge Cast Iron has been manufacturing heirloom quality cast iron cookware in America since 1896.  Lodge cast iron products are headquartered out of Tennessee.  Lodge has come a long way with product development and innovation since its beginnings.  Currently Lodge Cast Iron has expanded its product line substantially; this includes adding carbon steel cast iron, enameled cast iron, seasoned cast iron, and specialty products with the Canadian maple leaf to appeal to their neighbors to the north, and we thank them!
The Lodge Cast Iron advantage offers versatile cooking with the ability to use your Lodge cast iron products on your stove top, in your oven, and over a campfire.  All of these cooking styles with the same Lodge Cast Iron skillet, now that is versatile cooking.  Not only is Lodge Cast Iron versatile in cooking conditions, it it’s versatile in what you can cook in it. Grill steaks, sear veggies, sear porkchops, bake or fry bacon, bake a cookie skillet, bake a pie, make pancakes, you name it, a Lodge can cook it up perfect for you!
Lodge Cast Iron also boasts excellent heat retention, making it easy to get that perfect char on your chicken or the ultimate flaky pie crust.  Lodge Cast Iron also boasts easy release finish, meaning your food won’t stick and easily slides right out of the naturally non-stick cooking surface onto your plate.  This makes for the obvious additional benefit of easy clean up. Simply wash, hand dry (or place over light flame on stove top), and oil after every use.  
Reid’s favourite Lodge Cast Iron pieces include the famous Maple Leaf Canadian Skillet, you can find here.>>
This 12” Limited Edition Canadian Cast Iron pan does it all.  Just as promised this cast iron is mined fresh and has never been used for another purpose, leaving your cooking to only your ingredients.  Other manufacturers have been known to recycle cast iron from old machinery where you risk motor oil and contaminates.  Lodge is 100% freshly mined cast iron.
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