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A Cut Above

How do you prepare your meals? Most likely a knife will be implemented. In applying the word “cutlery” serving utensils like forks and spoons are often correlated. Here, we are speaking about the wide variety of knives, and all things associated with cutting.

Knowing the differences in knives will save you time, effort, and ultimately money when using the right tool for the job. And keeping your knives razor sharp is vital as well. We also cover that necessity!


2.6 Million Years Ago…

Getting through pelt to obtain the precious protein from within has always been paramount to the success of humans. Cutting, and then using the fur for warmth was also a prerequisite in those days. Using a rock to chip another rock into a sharp edge was considered a utility knife in Tanzania back some 2.6 million years ago. Today, Tanzania and the rest of the world are afforded cutlery that is extremely sharp, durable, and specified for the task at hand.



Your culinary prowess will increase with correct cutlery. Maintaining your own “edge” in the kitchen is empowered by retaining great kitchen cutlery and knives. Knife sets look great a top the kitchen counter. So too, when knives are displayed hanging on the wall, providing your kitchen a professional look. Stay sharp with knife sharpeners and honing steels to cut through anything in your kitchen!


The Final Cut

Zwilling J.A. Henckels - 10

The specifics on cutlery vary from product to product, and what you are trying to achieve. There are helpful tips, tricks, and tools of the trade throughout the WFE website. Do your research, ask questions, and get to cutting up something delicious for dinner by clicking HERE!