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Fry Pans & Skillets


The Higher The Heat, The Greater The Sear


Steak and eggs anyone? This classic dish is best prepared in a fry pan or skillet of course. So too are millions of recipes from around the globe. A fry pan or skillet is a must-have for any kitchen. As with starting a sauce from one of the “mother sauces”, a fry pan or skillet is the “mother cookware” everyone must have to cook food easily and often.


History Of The Fry Pan vs The Skillet


Probably a better subject line than a story, the big differences in a fry pan, frypan, or frying pan versus the skillet are nominal. Skillets tend to be a bit deeper than its friend the fry pan. With a bit more depth, a skillet sometimes shows up with a lid for creating sauces at the end. When you think skillet, cast-iron is the usual material that comes to mind.

The good ol’ fry pan is basically all the same as the skillet. Being a bit more shallow allows for high temperature cooking, with better evaporation, for let’s say, a ribeye! Searing meat and finishing in the oven is a favorite task of the fry pan. 


The Most Utilized & Required Pan In The Kitchen!


The abundant uses for a fry pan or skillet are immense. From frying eggs to chicken, roasting veggies in the oven, or just boiling water, a fry pan or skillet is the first piece of cookware one needs to survive. If you have only one item in the kitchen, let it be a fry pan or skillet!


Sizes & Stats


Fry Pans: Sizes vary from 3” to 14.1”. Most are 8” to 12” in Diameter.

Skillets: Same

Materials: Carbon Steel, Cast Iron, Enamel, Aluminum, Copper, Non-Stick

Colors: Almost any you wish now!

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