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Knife Blocks

Knife blocks are in almost in every home chef kitchen in one capacity or another.  Knife blocks started as a convenient way for chefs to store their knives and easily access them while keeping the blade covered to prevent accidental cuts or kitchen accidents that may happen when you have exposed sharp knives laying around. Now days knife blocks are works of art, serve as knife sharpeners, and often can be magnetic.  You want to be sure to choose the right knife block for your lifestyle.  If you have children, you will choose a different knife block then a home chef yuppie couple, who may want an artsy display exposing the blade.

Knife blocks are traditionally manufactured by knife manufacturers; that shouldn’t be a surprise as complimentary products are how brands expand.  And let’s face it with knives, you will want a sharpener, a carrier, and a knife block.  Williams Food Equipment focuses on carrying leading knife manufacturer brands like Wusthof, Miyabi, Henckels, Global, Le CreusetVictorinox.

Since knife blocks sit on your counter top and serve the primary purpose of making knives easily accessible (or in a fine knife collector’s mind, possible bragging rights to display), home chefs often rely on personal design style to select their knife block.  From traditional light beechwood, thermo beech, stainless steel, plastic or magnetic coverings, there are many colors and materials to choose from when selecting an aesthetically pleasing knife block that meets your design fancy.


Reid’s personal knife block in his kitchen is the Wusthof magnetic knife block that holds 12 knives in plain site on a beautiful beechwood surface that has Ferrit magnets that hold the knives firmly in place.

Dimensions of the knife block including stand: 365 x 275 x 150 mm

Get your very own stylish magnetic Wusthof knife block now.>>

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