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Canning Tools & Supplies



More Than One Reason To Can Your Own Food!


Have you been wanting to save money, be more productive & self-sufficient, and lead a healthier lifestyle? It does seem like a tall task, so don’t wait until the New Year’s resolution, start canning now! Canning your own food provides a multitude of positive attributes to one’s life.




Putting Up


“Putting Up” is a Southern term from the US for home canning. Around the globe, countries have their own jars, bottles, lids, and seals that are somewhat proprietary to the region. Preserving food by creating a vacuum seal via heat was made famous by Nicolas Appert in France 1810. Napoleon was interested in food preparation in 1800. Mr. Appert accomplished his request a decade later. Today, putting up, home canning, processing, or bottling are all synonyms for correctly saving and preserving foods for long durations in glass vessels.




Preserving Is A Connection To The Past


Growing your own crops, then canning those fruits and veggies brings back nostalgia. The old-world values that set into those who home can is actually an indescribable feeling. It sounds embellished, but think about it? You are being environmentally sound by using your own equipment. Then saving cash by not buying pre-packaged foods. Since you made it, the quality is exemplary, therefore home canning becomes a great gift idea!


How To Use Canning Tools & Supplies


6 Most Needed Canning Supplies

  • Canning Jars
  • Canning Funnel
  • Magnetic Lid Lifter
  • Tongs
  • Jar Lifter
  • Bottle Wrench


Fill a clean jar with your food. Secure lid and seal correctly! Submerge the jar in boiling water for the prescribed time. The steam inside the vessel will leak out, creating a vacuum seal once cooled. That’s pretty much it! Food will stay safe for a year when performed correctly. Remember, safety is paramount in canning! Botulism is awful, and can be deadly…

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