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Le Creuset Skillets

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Le Creuset Skillets have become throughout history as indispensable cookware for sautéing, stir frying and searing, and much more! The interior cast-iron surface is completed with enamel that destroys the notion that all cast-iron requires that tedious, outdated seasoning and maintenance that raw cast iron of centuries past needed to be viable cookware. The Le Creuset Skillet is specifically created for extremely high temperature cooking (500!) The enamel builds an organic patina throughout use, which makes it practically non-stick and a breeze to clean!.

Independently produced by France’s most skilled workers from the best quality raw materials since 1925, Le Creuset Skillets are cherished for its refined construction and extraordinary heat preservation. The Le Creuset Skillet line of cookware delivers exceptional outcomes from oven to stove to the table! Intended for generations of use due to its incredible toughness, the porcelain enamel is even dishwasher safe.

The Le Creuset Skillets come in a variety of shapes and materials to suit todays home cook. Sizes of the Le Creuset Skillets range from 6.3”, 9”, and the way to 11.75”. The materials of cast-iron with an elegant enamel coating has always been Le Creuset’s claim to fame. Moving into more technological advancements through the last 95 years has led Le Creuset to utilize materials such as forged hard anodized aluminum to repel any off-putting flavors into your food. Stainless-steel which keeps the exterior as beautiful as your meal you are preparing. And the patented Tri-Ply Stainless-Steel adds the robustness and weight of the Le Creuset skillet that has a feel like no other skillet on the market!


  • Vivid exterior enamel is shock-impervious to avoid chipping and breaking

  • Muted black inside enamel is specifically devised for the highest temperatures which encourages the growth of a patina to improve cooking execution

  • Wide loop grip ensures a safe and comfortable journey from oven to stove

  • No seasoning necessary!

Once you have received your stunning new Le Creuset Skillet, try out some of our awesome recipes HERE!


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