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Rotary Graters

Typically, the rotary grater is a hopper made of stainless-steel with a variety of etched and toothed blades depending what it is intended to grate. By spinning the cylinder and depressing the lever that presses the cheese (or nuts, etc) through the exterior mouth, or hole, frictional grating occurs. This was our scientific analysis on everyone’s favorite appendage at the dinner table, a rotary grater. Adorning fine dining Italian establishments throughout the globe, the rotary grater is instantly associated with that delightfully complex Parmigiano-Reggiano. But there is more to your rotary grater than you know!

Everyone loves dessert right? The cool part of the rotary grater is the easy clean-up! Just pop out the cylinder to wash out any cheese before concocting that delicious dessert course. Grating some dark chocolates are a real pain. Chopping at it with a knife only promotes a mess. Use your rotary grater to make the most out of your dark chocolate! Then, grate some brazil nuts, and nutmeg to make that killer confection, Florentines!

Between the five models of rotary graters we offer, one will surely suit your needs in the kitchen or at the table. When seeking out your favorite rotary grater for yourself, or as a gift, ensure the handle (or turning arm) can be switched over to left or right-handed. Also, a graceful, effortless grating action, without the device feeling all chunky, like you caught a fish is advantageous for us all, especially grandma! The OXO Rotary Cheese Grater comes with a lid to double as a storage container, preventing the cheese from drying out! All things to investigate when checking out our selection of rotary graters

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