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Dinner Forks


We understand, many folks don’t find dinner forks so fascinating like we do! Archeologists have discovered bone dinner forks dating back 2400 BC in Eastern China. In the 1600’s people brought their own forks with them in Italian culture. Then, oddly, some European countries did not catch on to the dinner fork concept until the 18th century. Once the American Revolution took place in 1765, the fork was the way to dine in North America.  

So, that’s some history on our friend, the dinner fork. Normally the longest fork in the set (about 7 inches), the dinner fork has four tines of equal length and is used on the main course (when a formal setting is placed).  What sets a dinner fork apart from another dinner fork is design, weight, detailing, colour, thickness and material. See, there is more to a dinner fork than you thought! 

When choosing dinner forks, the design matters most. A design such as one that is soft and curved gives an elegant and sleek look to your dinner table. While rounded edges and delicate lines add a different vibe to the table. Then, there is the teardrop-shaped grips that give dinner forks that extra panache!

The weight of dinner forks is generally described as medium or heavy weighted. The finish is typically shiny, or mirrored, that of stainless-steel. The thickness of a dinner fork stays around 3 to 4 millimeters. These are just some aspects, and brief history of the good ol’ dinner fork. Please check out brands like Browne when you are in the dinner fork market. Browne’s dinner forks come in a wide variety of designs and styles to suit any table!

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