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Le Creuset is renowned for its beautiful colour palettes and collectible series.  The Cherry coloured Le Creuset baking and accessories line is by far the most popular of them all.  Imagine your stove top full of this gorgeous bright cherry Le Creuset cookware.  From tabletop cherry accessories that include cherry salt and pepper mills, cherry trivets, cherry olive branch oil cruet to the bakeware that Le Creuset is adored for, the cherry coloured enameled cast iron that has been perfected over decades.  The Le Creuset cherry line of bakeware comes in may sizes and shapes to meet your cooking needs.

 Whether you are interested in a Le Creuset Cherry Roaster, cherry round French oven, or the cherry oval oven, Le Creuset has a size and shape for all of its cherry coasted enameled cast iron series.  Take a look at Reid’s picks for the Le Creuset Cherry line up.

 Le Creuset Cherry Crepe Pan :  This cherry crepe pan will not disappoint with its ability to conduct heat evenly across the surface to cook the quintessential crepe – maybe you’ll even have cherries on top!  The cherry crepe pan by Le Creuset has 8’’ rateau for spreading the batter around the pan, as well as a narrow spatula for flipping during cooking. 

 The Cherry Le Creuset 2 in 2 Grill and Griddle is another fave of the Williams Family.  Its versatility enables you to tend to multiple cooking needs at once. You have a grill on one side of the pan and a griddle on the other.  You can sear your steak while cooking your asparagus in your 2 in 2 Cherry Le Creuset grill and griddle.

 The Le Creuset - 4.2 L (4.5 QT) Cherry French Round Dutch Oven is the fairest of them all being a best seller among the Le Creuset collectors.  This cherry round French oven is as traditional as it gets – perfect for side dishes, main dishes, and casseroles. 

 Picturing your table adorned with Le Creuset cherry enameled cast iron will bring a smile to most home chef’s faces.  Please browse our Cherry Le Creuset collection and enjoy what you find.  You may find using our wish list feature will get you some additional cherry Le Creuset love at the holidays.

All Le Creuset bakeware, cookware, and accessories come with a limited lifetime warranty, giving you the peace of mind you need when collecting such a glamourous cook set.

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