The Meringue Le Creuset Collection

Le Creuset did it again with this collection of enameled cast iron cookware. The selection is endless with baking, cooking, serving, tabletop accessories, cup, pitchers, and more. This may be one of the larger coloured collections Le Creuset has released. If you intend on collecting the Le Creuset Meringue collection, you have your work cut out for you, as there is a lot to this collection. Then again when a collection has more pieces, it is more impressive as a collection. Picture serving your family and friends with this gorgeous Meringue collection of Le Creuset products.

This ensemble of meringue Le Creuset features a Meringue French Press, two different Meringue Tea Kettles, a Meringue Grand Tea Pot, a Meringue Minimalist Pitcher, Meringue Dinnerware, Meringue Salt & Pepper Shakers, Meringue Heritage Pate Terrine, Meringue Stock Pot, Meringue serving platters of various shapes and sizes. You’re sure to have a full display cabinet of this Meringue Le Creuset collection. Make room, there’s a new colour in town.

One of the more unique pieces in the Le Creuset Meringue Collection is the Meringue Heritage Pate Terrine. The enameled cast iron pate terrine may be used for a myriad of serving needs, including bread, vegetables, foise gras, custards, and more. The temperature-preserving qualities of Le Creuset enable you to serve dishes cold or hot and the dish will retain the temperature through serving, providing the best food quality at the table.

With over 54 distinct Meringue Le Creuset products to choose from, you’ll have to make your priorities of where to start and then add the rest to your wish list – be sure to share your wish list with friends and family at the holiday time. It’s the perfect way to bulk up your Le Creuset Meringue collection. Sharing is caring, they say – let’s start caring.

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