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Is there a person out there who hasn’t heard of, or owned a Swiss Army knife? It’s quite doubtful since Karl Elsener’s little cutlery workshop from 1884 has grown into the worldwide brand everyone knows now. Behind Karl, and the Swiss Army Knife is the company of today, Victorinox. Along with their famous army knives, Victorinox manufactures a plethora of other cutlery products, watches, travel gear, and fragrances.
A Sharp-Minded Company
Surviving since 1884 is a tough feat coming from any nation. Victorinox started when Switzerland was impoverished, and immigration was tricky. Mr. Elsener held to his standards, and continued forth, producing the finest quality Swiss merchandise available. 
Strong Commitment To Solid Values
Victorinox ensures that its manufactured goods meet the greatest requirements in all matters. Quality is not once bargained, regardless of material prices and where the site production is held. These old-world values have led Victorinox to become a trailblazer in Switzerland, and now the planet. Inspiration by design, cooking, and the gift of giving are standards that all at the are employed at Victorinox believe in. 
Victorinox Is Multi-Faceted To Say The Least!
The Swiss Army Knife might be one of the coolest inventions on Earth! The Victorinox Giant is the world’s largest Swiss Army knife, packing 141 functions into 87 implements! BTW, if you are looking to size down from the Giant, we offer the Swiss Army - Red Transparent SwissChamp® with 82 functions and 118 parts!
Aside from their Swiss Army line collection, Victorinox’s cutlery that comes from this wonderful manufacturing facility in Switzerland is some of the world’s best. With a non-slip, ergonomic handle and ultrasharp blade, Victorinox is a brand to seek when looking for a knife replacement.
An overview of Victorinox & their Awards & LabelsVictorinox
Victorinox is thrilled to have been honored with abundant accolades for their environmentally friendly dedication, capacity for improvement and sustainable supervision. In addition, various brands lend an official stamp to their unfailing pledge.
Multitasking With Victorinox
Everyone will end up having to use their Swiss Army Knife sometime when some emergency happens. A Swiss Army knife is a great gift for yourself or anyone! But don’t just look at Victorinox as pocketknives. This company is as multifunctional as their knives. Victorinox offers something for everyone.
Victorinox, and Mr. Elsener’s knives have been around since the late 1800’s. Don’t forget about espresso to stay awake while multi-tasking! Bialetti has been dripping that liquid gold since 1919. Brew up some espresso after dinner, with guests, to stay awake, and for health benefits! Check out our partnership with Bialetti, and all your Coffee & Espresso needs are located HERE!
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