Are you becoming frustrated at the delivery fees for Chinese food? Or driving to your favourite restaurant, only to find it closed due to Covid-19…? Try a wok at home. Creating delicious Asian inspired meals is fun, quick, and way less expensive than delivery or dine-in! And don’t stop with Asian cuisine, countries such as Peru rely heavily on their woks. Even scrambled eggs taste better coming from a wok!


The Well-Rounded Wok


The rounded bottom of the wok has been employed in cookery for a couple thousand years in China. Many countries throughout the Asian continent share the same-styled vessel we refer to as a wok. The modern wok can be manufactured from a multitude of various materials. Typically, cast-iron, carbon steel, non-stick, and aluminum are the preferred alloys and metals for today’s kitchens.


A Wok Breathes Energy


Utilizing a wok at home really feels amazing! Many pots and pans don’t allow for the sweltering temperatures that the wok requires when stir-frying. The aromas and depth of taste that come from only a wok is why some cuisines such as Chinese have incredibly unique and complex flavours.

Many homes still don’t have a wok in their cookware collection. This is unfortunate because the aesthetics of the wok’s curved shape enables quick, rapid cooking, along with a feel no other cookware can provide. Plus, what other cookware can do all this:


Which Wok Is Right?


Size: 8in up to 36in in diameter.

Materials: Cast-Iron, Carbon Steel, Non-Stick, Aluminum

Cooking Surface: Gas, Electric, Induction

Accessories: Lids, Steamers Baskets

Colors: Typically, High-Gloss Finish or Black

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