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At OXO, they have always believed in a superior way to conduct business. OXO looks at ordinary kitchen items, and how we use them, then meticulously redesigns them to produce objects which are much more improved than ever before! OXO spots problems folks don’t recognize as challenges until they resolve it with something great. They view any opening to enhance an item or a procedure we all do incorrectly in the kitchen as a way for us all to grow, learn, and succeed.  
OXO has been bringing us cooking and baking to brewing products since the Gourmet Products show in San Fran back in 1990. Sam Farber first made improvements to the simple vegetable peeler to aid his wife who had arthritis. Sam was smart. OXO is derived from backward, upside-down, and perpendicular visual regularity (in case ya’ wondered). And from there, OXO has become a brand worth million do their unique reverse engineering prowess of products we all use daily. OXO is now involved with entertaining industry, as well as housework and arranging, to everyday explorations with the kids. OXO fabricates devices that fit ergonomically in your hand, and in your daily life! OXO builds stuff to last and an unbelieve price-point. And OXO guarantees them for life!
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