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When looking at molten cast-iron, that bright orange hue glowing beyond brilliantly brings extreme heat and warmth to our eyes and to our souls. Le Creuset’s Flame Collection dates back to the company’s earliest beginnings in 1925 when Mr. Desaegher and Mr. Aubecq decided on this name to show the world the best in enameled cookware. Today, just as the Sun changes its vibrant tones throughout the day as only it can; Le Creuset behaves the same as there really are no two pieces that are exactly the same.

From Marilyn Monroe to many esteemed Chefs around the globe, the Le Creuset Flame Collection is about to celebrate its 100 birthday in a mere few years. This attention to detail, and pride Le Creuset, and its Flame Collection bring from stove, to oven, to table is second to none! As mentioned, the start of it all was their famed Flame French oven. Ranging from a dainty 0.9L Flame French Round Dutch Oven for those lunches alone, to the immense 13.9L Flame Goose Pot, placing these out as kitchen adornments or for some serious cooking, these Le Creuset Dutch Ovens come in all sizes to fit all appetites!

The greatness that is Le Creuset comes from their adaptability. Growing with the times and venturing outside their own comfort zone is what makes Le Creuset invaluable today. Take for example, the Le Creuset 8” Flame Salt Mill. Placing this on your dinner table surely creates an instant statement piece! And your loved ones, for generations to come, will be making the family’s famous Lasagna in their Le Creuset 4.9L Flame Rectangular Roaster. Then, finally finishing off the meal with some elegant Fondue in a Flame Le Creuset Fondue Set will create a mood like no other!

Lest not forget Le Creuset loves Holidays! The 2.1L Pumpkin Casserole can attest to this fact. October has never been so much fun! Also, celebrating other cultures cooking abilities is another forte of Le Creuset. The Le Creuset 2.3L Flame Tagine will come in handy at New Years. And for Chinese New Year’s, try out the Le Creuset 4.8L Flame Wok to feed the entire family!

The Le Creuset Flame Collection will never go out of style! From coffee and espresso to trivets and terrines, the original Flame colour will never be doused. Like a Phoenix, the Le Creuset Flame Collection will always rise from the molten cast-iron to become beautiful and elegant, yet robust and study for decades to come.

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