Le Creuset has done it again: They have released a new colour, Sage, which is motivated in thought by the silky colour of that wonderfully scented plant. The Le Creuset Canada compilation, along with Williams Food Equipment (different countries have different colours, and on occasion Le Creuset will bring back a colour on a limited-time run) has Sage available in everything from their enamelled cast-iron cookware to their bakeware. Accessories like cooking utensils such as salt and pepper shakers to tableware, and of course, their French Ovens, all look stunning in this colour as well. This colour is the newest hue in the Le Creuset palette of delicious choices.

After all what is fresh gnocchi without sage burnt butter in a Sage Le Creuset 10.25” Handle Skillet? Le Creuset’s newest hue is easy-on-the-eye and the colour complements dishes beautifully. Sage, a brand NEW colour hue that is both an ode to retro kitchen styles and is equally modern. A refreshing pop of soft colour that is both a statement and timeless. Sage, pairs so beautifully with other neutral palettes of the Le Creuset brand. Inspired by colour of softness and pale greenness make it the perfect colour to ring in the Spring.

Looking for a kitchen update, a wedding or shower gift, Le Creuset is ALWAYS one of our favourite brands of cookware to recommend to our customers. Le Creuset rests its reputation on excellent designs, exceptional raw materials, and skilled artistry of its Protected Cast Iron Cook and bakeware. Le Creuset is honoured to extend a limited lifetime assurance policy on all their products.

Known for its lifetime durability, outstanding quality, and modern colour schemes. Le Creuset Sage brings about Its soft greenish-yellow colour that is reminiscent of springtime, making it a great choice for the season. Sage, by Le Creuset is also a versatile colour that can be used to prepare many dishes. Yet it is best paired with other herbs and spices, making spring and summer Pop at your dinner table!

Like Salmon in a Le Creuset Sage French Oven, which uses lemongrass, thyme, and lemon zest to give the salmon a unique flavour. Or check out Le Creuset’s own recipe for mango and passion fruit sorbet! This summer classic is made in a Le Creuset 3.8L Casserole Dish, served in cute Le Creuset Sage Cappuccino Cups. These recipes, and so many more all can be made to perfection when using Le Creuset Sage Cook & Bakeware.

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