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Fondue pots are part of fall and welcoming in the changing of the leaves and warmer foods inside with the windows closed and blankets near.  Fondue also elicits thoughts of wine and nights in with company and board games.  There’s something very comforting and personal when you cook and serve fondue.

Now let’s get down to the brass tax on fondue.  Which fondue pot do you choose as your weapon of choice?  They come in many brands, colors, sterno, electric, temperature options, and skewers. You bring the ingredients and instant pop-up party ensues.  Williams believes the vessel is more about your style than anything else. Do you enjoy the authenticity and traditional feel of sterno or do you like the modern conveniences of electric? Do you like modern design, traditional design, or do you prefer transitional design in your kitchen?  This combines both sleek lines and ornate details in one vessel.


Reid’s personal fondue pot follows many of his other kitchen choices, as he collects the authentic and traditional Le Creuset line of products and the fondue. He and his wife have the Le Creuset 2 litre Cherry 8-piece fondue set.  This fondue pot is made from cast iron, giving it the ideal material for conducting heat and cooking evenly.  This pot features a handle making it easier to transport and move from heat if necessary.  

To fondue like Reid and Sarah, simply swing on by and pick up your Le Creuset Cherry Fondue set here:


Check out the entire line of fondu pots to see which fondue pot meets your culinary needs and design style.  We carry Emile Henry Fondue pots, Swissmar, Le Creuset, All-Clad, and Staub fondue pots.  

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