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Every chef knows that it’s always a good idea to have the right tool for the right job. Peeling fruits and vegetables doesn't have to be a pain anymore thanks to our array of peelers. We carry a complete collection of peelers from trusted brands including Danesco, Browne, WFE, Johnson-Rose, Microplane, Victorinox and many more. Our Victorinox peelers are useful for carrots, potatoes, and are available in left- or right-handed. Grate and shake zest and other fine ingredients in one easy motion with our Microplane peeler. Wow your guests with your skills by using our WFE spiral cutter and create fine onion, potato, and sweet potato curls to accompany and dress up your meals. Use your imagination and create your own ideas to create a wonderful presentation with any one of our peelers. Whatever you might need, our collection of high-quality peelers won’t disappoint.


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