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Tea Kettles


Tea Kettles date back to years before common cooking tools had been considered.  There were said to be versions of Tea Kettles used in Mesopotamia between the years of 3500 – 2000 BC. These kettles were made of bronze with decorative spouts. The first electric kettle was made in 1891 by Carpenter Electrical, a US based manufacturer.

The original use of kettles was founded by Chinese culture when traveling and trying to remove impurities from the water. They placed the water in the kettle over an open flame knowing that the heat would remove the impurities from the water source. They also noted when adding tea leaves to the water that it gave it a pleasant flavor and so the great Chinese tea movement started.

As tea kettles evolved over the years, they also became design and brand icons.  You will notice beautifully shaped and coloured tea kettles adorning the Williams Food Equipment tea kettle aisle as well as our online store.


From polished stainless-steel tea kettles to bright enameled tea kettles, we have a wide selection of tea kettles available.  Le Creuset fans find themselves with matching Le Creuset tea kettles on their shopping list while new tea drinkers may experiment with a more affordable tea kettle model like the Danesco Café Fulture 34 Oz Pour Over Kettle.  Staub is also famous for their high-end, brightly coloured and modern designed tea kettles.

Whatever your tea kettle needs may be, is sure to have what you need.  Check out our full selection of Tea Kettles under our Table Top & Bar shopping category.

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