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Pizza Ovens & Accessories


The World’s favorite Food!


The stats about pizza are fascinating! The first thing that pops up when searching this topic is yes, pizza is the world’s favorite food! Just 5 years ago, one site states the USA sold almost $39 BILLION worth of pizza from over 75,000 pizza places! If you live in Canada, and you love pizza, you have found the right place to shop for all things related to this great gastronomic success.


Making Bread Better


Back in the times of 6th Century BC, people have been adding goodies to flatbreads to improve the taste. History shows that around 1889 Italy, the creation of the basil, mozzarella, and tomato pizza came to the world. Most know this delightful dish as a Margherita pizza.

Today, pizza ovens and their accessories range from high-end industrial units, to the incredibly innovative and affordable outdoor pizza ovens which came to fruition only 8 years ago! Pizza ovens for the home have become widely popular since staying in has become the norm.



Bring The Heat To Your Home!


What’s so great about a pizza oven, and having all the right accessories? Well, you can actually make more than pizza is the first thing to learn about pizza ovens. A tomahawk steak in an outdoor pizza oven is superior, and way more exciting, than inside at a restaurant! Utilizing the proper peels and baking stones will be paramount to your success. Don’t fret, everything to make a great pie is found HERE!


Describing Pizza Made At Home (Or Anywhere)!


From the Ooni collection that is portable, and ready for tailgating, to the Omcan 0.5HP Pizza Dough Former which will be at your beck and call for as long as your pizza place stays #1 in town, WFE has everything for your pizza world. The huge assortment of pizza accessories will bring crust, sauce, and ingredients together to produce a prefect pie!

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