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On Record For 200 Years
Inheriting a steel mill from their ancestors, the Millers, the Peugeot brothers Jean Pierre and Jean Frederic realized their own passion was in rolled steel. This was all the way back in 1810! Circa 1840, the Peugeots invented their 1st coffee mill. Bringing the Peugeot company up to speed here in 2020, the are a dominant player where flavours reign supreme! 
210 years of diversification has set Peugeot apart. Penny-farthing bicycles were part of Peugeot’s history at one point! Saw blades, steel carriages, any thing to do with the rolled steel that they could produce, Peugeot had their hands on it. 
Creativity, Ingenuity, & Innovation
Summarizing what Jean-Phillipe Peugeot has been quoted as saying wouldn’t do justice to his own company, and his own last name. He says “Peugeot, with a sense of pride in its history and legacy, is established in time and in the collective imagination. It is a symbol of our family’s commitment to a territory and our connection to the values of expertise, innovation, and style. Always aiming at the future, Peugeot boots even further its development in order to better support chefs, families and epicureans from the kitchen to the table.” Well said Jean-Phillipe!
A Pledge To Superiority
Quality has always been paramount with the Peugeot family. Backing up 200 years of class and commitment, Peugeot’s products all come with a great warranty. The artistry in every piece of Peugeot screams exquisite taste. It does seem like every knows the name, and knows it represents superiority and refinement.  
Awarded In Expertise
Peugeot’s awards are numerous in the eyes of those who own any Peugeot. France has awarded Peugeot with the EPV Label. This accolade is given to those who exude the highest echelons of modern and conventional skill in their field.
Peugeot Is A Pleasure To View & Handle
What can you say about Peugeot? Everything they make is really cool and classy! Just check out their 1889 steam-driven, 3-wheeled vehicle! Peugeot for your kitchen will look and drive just as great as their cars! Peugeot has been and will always remain a true pleasure. 
Employing stylish Peugeot pepper mills will look great along side a Le Creuset 2.3L Cherry Oval Casserole with Lid filled with chicken l’Orange! Be sure to add some Le Creuset to your table for added panache! Sort all the Le Creuset inventory HERE!
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