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What Is Dinnerware?

Let’s get right to it. The definition of dinnerware can be a bit tricky. For our purposes, dinnerware relates to all the items needed to dine at the table. Plates, bowls, along with teacups and saucers are typically the quartet included in the box upon arrival. Dinnerware can be mentioned with flatware sometimes as well. We all could do with a knife, fork, and spoon to feast appropriately! With the holidays here, our focus in dinnerware is to provide the most elegant and functional table service for our family and friends (within the social guidelines of course!). 



Styles vary depending on what you are intending to promote in ambiance, vibe, setting, and cuisine. For upscale dining, the formal dinnerware set would be the most advantageous. These include: A bread plate, soup bowl, dinner plate, salad and/or dessert plate, teacup, and saucer. 

Purchasing dinnerware piece by piece is another great option! Fine bone china does not come cheap or go on sale much…Therefore knowing your crowd, and how much you will be entertaining and using such extreme quality dinnerware is particularly important. The general rule of thumb is owning eight to twelve settings will ensure you are ready for everyone to come over at a moments notice. 



Before making that big purchase on some fine dining, formal dinnerware, or just your everyday stuff, deciding on what material to use is vital to the performance and aesthetics. The five most common materials seen holding our dinners are:

  1. Melamine

  2. Porcelain

  3. Stoneware

  4. Bone China

  5. Earthenware

If you are entertaining the kids at the pool, melamine will be your choice of material to serve that famous mac n cheese. But, when the boss and his wife arrive for dinner and drinks, bone china would be the elegant touch that might aid in a future promotion! We are certain whichever dinnerware sets or pieces you decide on, you will be happy to display them for years to come!

If you are struggling with Recipe Ideas, jump over to our Recipe Section for some great suggestions!

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