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Butcher Knives



A Butcher Knife Is A Cook’s Best Friend


Do you have a membership at a bulk, discount store? Are you, or someone close to you, hunt? If so then a butcher knife will make life 10 times easier! Powering through large chunks of meat is what the butcher knife is deigned to do specifically. Save money buying in bulk, or hunting your own game, then vacuum seal the remaining sections for a much later date. No fear of freezer burn!


An Old-World Classic


John Wilson’s “Peppercorn And Diamond Brand” Skinning Knives from 1750 was the foundation to the modern butcher knife we know today. By the 1840’s Mr. Wilson was exporting his knives to the Americas. At one time, the butcher knife was all-purpose knife for skinning, cooking food, and self-defense if needed. Now, every meat processing plant, hunter, and home cook need and use this essential component to the kitchen collection. 


The Longer The Knife…



The longer the knife, the better the butcher knife? Well, that’s not always the case. Owning the Victorinox 14” Fibrox Pro Cimeter Knife will look stunning in your galley, meticulously de-boning your hunt! The elegance and breathtaking design of the Shun Blue 6” Butchery Knife will slice, dice and cut through bone when needed. This knife is a centerpiece in a cutlery set for sure! 


Sizes, Shapes, and Sharpness



Shapes vary from 6” to 14” and typically have a softer steel. Harder steel will chip through the bone quicker…Staying sharp is vital for the butcher knife. Using a sharpening/honing steel and knife sharpener will ensure all your knives stay as best as they can be! 

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