Oyster by Le Creuset


Le Creuset's beautiful Oyster Collection is covered in an iridescent gray-brownish glaze, making each separate piece of cookware resistant to acidic foods like lemon, base veggies like cucumbers, odors from fish, and stains from that roux you will be making for that great gumbo! Constructed with dual grips for a lovely sense of balance in your hands, the daily Le Creuset Oyster-Hued pan pairs perfectly with fried eggs. At the same time, the Le Creuset 6.7L Oyster French Round Dutch is big enough to cook the Christmas goose with all the garnishing’s. From risotto and stews to a wide variety of household-sized dinners, the tight-fitting covers produce a swathe of warmth for regular internal roasting. Many Le Creuset Oyster pan collections come with the edge of each pan individually constructed with an "all-around" brim for leak-free dispensing with the right or left hand. This attention to detail has set Le Creuset apart from everyone else since the early 1900s!


The best. With a refined flavor, fresh and superior, the oyster allures like no other creature in the sea. And now in colour by Le Creuset is a shimmering mixture of greys, browns, and just a slight gleam of purple. Elegant and stylish, it is a color extraordinarily adaptable to your kitchen or dinner table. The beautiful opalescence enhances the area of the room where it is placed, and that glorious meal keeps you warm inside!

Colour Creativity

Oyster by Le Creuset is always in the highest demand during the holidays. The broad selection of Le Creuset’s items and goods consisting of enameled cast iron, dinnerware, bakeware, enamel on steel, utensils, mills, and more can all be found in that gorgeous oyster hue! The flexibility of the oyster color can be the cornerstone of your kitchen interior design or a helping piece with its understated dash of subtle, impartial color. Or go all the way with an Oyster cookware set and a setting of lovely matching tableware & dinnerware. It displayed a Device Crock or a set of cups as an inflection on the counter or oven. Oyster by Le Creuset unites an elegant and sumptuous feel everywhere it is positioned.

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