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Non Stick Cookware Products Online

At Williams Food Equipment, we offer a variety of pots, pans and other cookware items in a variety of sizes, materials and colours for all of your at-home cooking needs. Browse through the hundreds of high-efficiency kitchen cookware products we carry, including cast iron cookware, Dutch ovens, frying pans, pot racks, fondue sets, braisers, double boilers, skillets, stockpots, roasting pans and woks. Some of the best cookware we offer even features reliable induction and non-stick technologies so you can prepare, cook and clean up with ease and convenience.

Whether you would like to grill seafood and meats to perfection, or create healthy and colorful stir-fry recipes with fresh vegetables and delicious sauces, you can produce outstanding results for every meal with our All-Clad stainless steel pans and skillets, Thermalloy non-stick stainless steel frying pans, Demeyere pressure cookers, and Staub grills. Invest in the best cookware Canada has to offer and bring home one of our affordable kitchen cookware products today.



Are You Here To Cook?

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We all know being deprived of cookware of some sort will result in, well, no food being served. That’s a problem! Searching for the correct vessel to create your Coq Au Vin seems daunting at first. Or “Which pan fries an egg the best” might be your cookware question? Upon this website lies all your answers about cookware


It All Started Over 19,000 Years ago

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Archeologists found some pots in a Chinese cave dating back 19,600 years ago. They had burn marks, indicating food was most likely being prepared in those same pots! To view ancient cookware, check out Wikipedia for some cool pics.

Taking cookware up to speed in the 21st century brings an array of alloys and metals for any company to develop the latest and greatest in the advancement of cookware. Choosing the wide variety of cooking surfaces can be challenging. We are here to facilitate that decision with all your questions answered. 


Choosing Correctly

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Imagine hosting the greatest dinner party ever! With that responsibility and joy comes proper cookware. Use this website to locate the correct pot, pan, Dutch oven, tagine, paella pan, you get the point, we have anything and everything for your cookware decision! The fun in purchasing something new, knowing that it will be well used and appreciated making meals for many is an unbelievable feeling! The pride in preparing food is a natural instinct to many. If you have never felt that pure rush of happiness upon cooking, try out some new cookware to experience the feeling for yourself.


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