Le Creuset Roasters

Le Creuset Roasters are a stunning addition to your Le Creuset collection. These roasters are beautiful as you’re used to the artisan craftsmanship on all Le Creuset products, but these have another layer of awesome. You can move these Le Creuset Roasters from the stove top to the oven to the dinner table.

Whether you’re cooking a turkey, a chicken, or a big roast, this 4.9 L Le Creuset Roaster has ample room for the seasonings you want to add, not limited to onions, peppers, scallions, garlic, and more. Williams Food Equipment carries 8 bold colours of these Le Creuset Roasters:

Le Creuset Artichaut 4.9 L Roaster

Le Creuset Blueberry 4.9 L Roaster

Le Creuset Cherry 4.9 L Roaster

Le Creuset Flame 4.9 L Roaster 

Le Creuset Licorice 4.9 L Roaster

Le Creuset Meringue 4.9 L Roaster

Le Creuset Oyster 4.9 L Roaster

Le Creuset Sage 4.9 L Roaster

These Le Creuset Roasters have incredible cooking versatility while delivering the beauty you love.

  • Ideal heat distribution and temperature retention once removed from heat

  • Durable and non-reactive sand enameled interior

  • Crack and chip resistant exterior

  • Limited lifetime warranty

The even heat distribution of this versatile Rectangular Roaster makes it ideal for oven-roasted chicken, homemade lasagna, casseroles and roasted vegetables. Its wide handles make for easy maneuvering with oven mitts. For more inspirational recipes to use in your Le Creuset Roaster, check out our blogs:

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