Wusthof - 2 Stage Knife Sharpener

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Wusthof - 2 Stage Knife Sharpener Description

This Wusthof Ceramic 3 stage sharpening hone can easily bring those dull knives back to cutting form. The first stage is a course stage for cutting the new edge the next stage uses a fine ceramic to hone the knife to a keen edge.

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    Reviewed by Jonathan on 2016 Jul 5th

    Works very well - It works better than I hoped. I had some very dull 10 year old knives and after using this I can cut through a grape just by sliding the knife over it without any pressure.

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    Reviewed by Mark on 2016 Jun 7th

    Great knife sharpener - Nice and easy to use. Once I had honed our knives and finished the sharpening with ceramic pull through, it's easy now to keep them sharp. I don't have Wusthof knives, but found it works fine with other knife brands.

Brand Wusthof