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Wusthof at Williams Food Equipment

The Wusthof Crafter line of cutlery commemorates the fortitude of old-fashioned artistry including brass fasteners and deep, smoldered oak handles highlighted with the Wüsthof insignia. Formed from a lone piece of steel for extraordinary stability and resilience. The Wusthof Crafter series of knives is as formidable of a cutting utensil you will find out on the market today. Period.
As the title Crafter implies, this Wusthof line of superior knives is a hardy utility blade that is intended for exceptional home cooks and vibrant professionals who are not afraid of difficult tasks in the kitchen. Yet, the Wusthof Crafter series also showcases the elegant pastoral visual of this remarkable & elevated knife.
Biggest Benefits To the Wusthof Crafter Series
The Wusthof Crafter Series is an unbelievably well-built knife collection! The triple rivets with a half bolster and an exposed full tang bring both power and precision to the cutting board. At 14° per side, this forged high-carbon steel blade is a breeze to sharpen! Employing the complete razor-sharp blade is why you get what you pay for in the Wusthof Crafter Series! The classic pinch grip is easily mastered with the Wusthof Crafter series due to its lighter weight.
A Few Of Our Fave Wusthof Crafter Knives
We kind of minimalized our affinity with the Wusthof Crafter series. Actually, all 7 knives are our faves! 
WUSTHOF - CRAFTER 7 PC KNIFE BLOCK SET: This set has em’ all! And the Wusthof Crafter Set is On Sale as of this writing! Hurry to get in on this rare discount!
The Crafter 7-piece set includes:
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