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Vitamix - Ascent Series A2500 Black Blender W/ 3 Program Settings - 062348 Description

The Ascent Series by Vitamix is the latest series launched by Vitamix.

The A2500 Features:

  • Variable 10 Speed Dial
  • 3 Programmed Settings
  • Pulse Feature
  • Digital Timer
  • Built-In Wireless Connectivity
  • Digital Timer
  • 64 Oz Low Profile Container
  • Peak 2.2 HP Motor

 Variable 10 Speed Dial

Full control of this blender can be achived at your fingertips by simply adjusting the variable speed dial from 1 - 10. Take it easy to chop up your ingredients to the perfect consistancy for salsa or unleash the full power of this kitchen work horse to create perfect smoothies or hot soups. 

3 Programmed Settings

Vitamix Progammed Settings

Pulse Feature 

Provide a quick hit of power using the pulse feature. Quickly chop your added garnish to your already pureed soup, give your shake one extra hit of smoothness, the pulse feature allows you to utilize the full power of your Vitamix blender with just a short burst.

Digital Timer

A new feature to Vitamix blenders, the digital timer will allow you to get the same consistency on your favorite recipes time and time again. No more guessing just set the timer based on your recipe and get the same perfect results every single time. 


Vitamix - Laser-Cut Blades      Vitamix Laser-Cut Blades - Made of hardened stainless steel to deliver the same quality        blends for years to come.
Vitamix - Metal Drive System

Vitamix Metal Drive System - Securely joins the container and motor base for maximum durability.


Vitamix - Self-Detect Container Vitamix Self-Detect Technology - Automatically adjusts for the container you've chosen. 
Vitamix Warranty Full 10 Year Warranty - Covers parts, labor & return shipping both ways from Vitamix. 



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30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Vitamix blenders are one of the great workhorses the kitchen has ever seen but if your not happy with your new blender for any reason in the first 30 days we would be happy to give you a full refund we just ask that you ship your Vitamix back to us. 

Full 10 Year Warranty 

As one of Canada's largest authorized Vitamix dealers you can purchase confidence knowing that your new Vitamix will be exactly that, a new factory first machine. Not a refurbished machine that may have been used by someone else before getting to you and is fully supported by Vitamix's industry leading 10 year warranty. 

Our Love For Vitamix Has Made Us Experts

We don't just sell Vitamix blenders we use them. Our passion for Vitamix blenders comes from years of us using them ourseleves giving us the ability to not just talk the talk but also walk the walk. Give us a call, we love to talk about Vitamix whether it be discussing the differences between models, discussing the capabilities of a machine or chatting about different recipes that we have tried that may help inspire you to use your blender to its fullest potential and if you have a question we can't answer right away, we are happy to go to our resources and get you the answers that you need.  

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    Reviewed by gjjones on 2017 Mar 8th

    Not well suited to single serving smoothies - My primary use case for the blender was for morning smoothies. A typical smoothie for me contains a fruit, a liquid, some protein powder, leafy greens, and ice. That also happens to be the recommended order to add them as the ice helps push things down. Since it's just a single serving in a giant container, there isn't much height of smoothie to slow down the ice ones it hits the blades. This results in the ice shooting up to the top of the blender, and kicks up ingredients that haven't blended yet onto the walls/top of the container.

    A giant chunk of spinach kicked up on the side right when the ice reaches the blades. Yes, I could just spatula it all off and then re-run the blender. I could probably also crush the ice before putting it in. Regardless, there isn't yet a smaller container to make single serving smoothies efficiently. This thing is just too wide of a container for a single serving smoothie with ice cubes. I don't fault the blender. It's a beast, and I'm glad to have bought a vitamix. There just aren't enough accessories yet for the Ascent series blenders.

    Really hope the 32oz container makes its way to the Ascent line, as that would be perfect for me. My review is based on the fact the Ascent is still a new blender base that hasn't yet released the other containers.

  • 5

    Reviewed by Craigs on 2017 Mar 7th

    Excellent blender - We have been using this for the last 1 week and extremely impressed with the 2500 series so far. Have been making Green smoothies which takes only 50 seconds and tastes absolutely delicious. Love the new design.

Brand Vitamix
Capacity 64 oz
Horse Power 2.2 HP
Limited Lifetime No
Motor Speed 10 Speed
Product Width 8 inch
Series Vitamix Ascent Series Blenders