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The First Infomercial!
William G. “Papa” Barnard understood that whole-food nutrition was the path to a long, healthy life back in 1921. When Papa was introduced to the blender in 37’ he knew he struck gold! 12 years later, Mr. Barnard was on TV, demonstrating the value of blending with a Vitamix to all those fortunate with a television. 
The Overwhelming Power Of Vitamix!
A 2.2HP motor drives 2, 3-inch laser cut, hardened, stainless steel blades up to 28,500 RPM/250MPH! That’s not a blender, but the beast of the kitchen! This type of force can make hot soup in 10 minutes due to the high friction: How cool is that?
Still Family Owned
On their own website, Dr. Jodi Berg takes you through the journey of Vitamix. Stating how many family photos the 100-year-old company has laying around. As a true, old-school company, job postings, history of Dr. Berg, and much more indicates Vitamix has nothing to hide via their transparency. 
If You Love To Experiment, Vitamix Is The One Appliance You Need!
A Vitamix can change your life for the better when you follow all those healthy recipes for a Vitamix online. There are millions of other, not so wholesome ideas too! And even better yet, Vitamix has come up with awesome attachments like the food processor to really make a multitude of hash browns! 
Vitamix And Awards Are Often Seen Together
No need to type here…Vitamix and their awards do their talking. 28 awards are listed just since 2013 on their Awards Page! The nice part of some of the awards aren’t just for their blenders, some are for their human actions towards others.
Everyone Could Benefit From A Vitamix
Vitamix is always on cutting edge technology’s doorstep. Check out their new composter! Purchasing a Vitamix is a step towards better health. Plus, everyone in the family will have fun using the Vitamix! Try making bread dough in your Vitamix, then tossing it in the instant pot. Check out more instant pot recipes HERE!
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