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Salad Forks


The salad fork is much like his counterpart sitting to the right, the dinner fork. The salad fork might be shorter (6.5” is typical) or have one of the outer tines (the far-left tine for righties, and far right for lefties) shaped a bit larger, or crescent shaped slightly. This is intended for cutting your salad easier. Many times, especially at chain restaurants, the dinner fork has been purchased in bulk, and used for the salad as well. This is perfectly acceptable for today’s diner. 

Yet, if you are entertaining at home, or own a fine dining establishment, the salad fork needs to be part of your table setting. Salad forks come in a myriad of styles, designs, and materials. The salad fork arrived on the scene of the kitchen table many, many centuries after the invention of the original bone- like utility tool used for eating.  The salad fork started with the wealthy, and soon caught on globally as formal dinner parties and restaurants proliferated.

Flatware and table trimmings are just as much dining room décor these days as it is utility. Plenty of designers will argue that your flatware is more about design than utility. Regardless, the options you have in flatware are endless. Some folks have different sets of flatware for different seasons, occasions, and holidays.  It really is fun selecting from the myriads of options!  From stunning sculptured salad forks to gorgeous serving utensils, you have many options that will look fantastic on your dining table.

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