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Staub - 5QT Dark Blue Round High Cocotte

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SKU: HEN-40506580
Brand: Staub
SKU: HEN-40506580
Brand: Staub
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Staub - 5QT Dark Blue Round High Cocotte Description

Like all STAUB Cocottes, the High Cocotte is made of enamelled cast iron, combining the advantages of cast-iron cookware with the benefits of high-quality enamel glaze: They are extremely durable and offer very even heat distribution. The special structure of the lid makes sure moisture is dropped back on the food for best results. The High Cocotte is 3 cm higher than the classic Cocotte, resulting in an added volume of 1 litre. This means you can cook larger quantities on a small burner, making sure all the surface of your Cocotte has contact with the hob for optimum energy efficiency. The slim form makes it easier to store in an average-size kitchen cupboard or fridge. With its added height, this Cocotte is especially well suited for deep-frying or searing food, protecting the cook and the kitchen from splattering hot oil. To make the most of the advantages of this Cocotte, try it with this kind of usages: recipes that require additional space, such as meat with bones like a roast crown of lamb, or stuffed bell pepper. Prepare your sauce first, then add your pasta al dente and serve, keeping it warm for a long timeFrying food without splattering oil all around your cooking areaCreating layered dishes that need space in height  preparing a souffl

  • Ideal for searing and slow cooking of meat, fish or vegetables
  • Juicy and tender cooking result thanks to the lid"s special drip structure
  • delicate and delicate dishes thanks to the aroma-rain-drop structure of the lid
Product Specifications
Brand Staub
Capacity 5 Qt
Color Blue
Series Staub Round Dutch Oven