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Staub Is French Cooking
Francis Staub in a quiescent weaponry plant began to produce enameled cast-iron bake and cookware, 1974 in Alsace France. Mr. Staub’s approach to double-glazing enamel ensured easy cleanability along with no chance of rusting. Staub grew so large, they have 3 production facilities in France, and are huge part of North American and Japanese cooks and chefs alike!
Numerous Nubs Brands Staub’s Distinctiveness
Oh, the technology in a lid! Who would have thought by intentionally placing self-basting spikes (Staub’s signature) in the absolutely correct places inside the lid would ensure moisture drips uniformly across your food, guaranteeing wonderful results? Well Francis Staub and his group have been refining the ideal lid for their impeccable cocotte for decades. 
Traditional Craftsmanship Meets Modern Innovation
Staub, for being less than 50 years old has already become a valued antique with its traditional old-fashioned craftsmanship. The eye appeal of Staub Cookware is evident with its vibrant colours and designs. The Cast-iron is processed using new and old techniques, creating quality through and through. Plus, the best quality black matte finish inside all Staub vessels promises the best in searing and browning. 
“Bravo to The STAUB Cocotte”
When Paul Bocuse, holder of three Michelin Stars continuously for 50 years is quoted, “A good knuckle of veal or Osso Bucco cooked in a cocotte is really something else. And that is precisely what differentiates French cuisine! Bravo to the STAUB cocotte." then you have a true validation on why Staub is great for French, or any cooking that requires the best in cookware. 
Staub Specializes That’s Why The Work So Well!
Specialization in something will make you the best sooner or later. Staub started as one of the best in 1974 with their cast-iron double-glazed cookware, and still is an industry leader year after year in 2020. Whether looking for a Dutch oven or cocotte, Staub’s commitment to quality now reaches out to ceramic bakeware and tableware. When you’re finished cooking, you will need tableware of course! Be sure to check out all the plates and place settings we have to adorn your table for that special occasion. 
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