MAC - 5" Professional Utility Knives - PKF50

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MAC - 5" Professional Utility Knives - PKF50 Description

World’s Sharpest Knives

Are you serious about cutlery? Not sure if you know this, but MAC proclaims themselves as the world’s sharpest knives. And they really are razor-sharp! If you have been pondering on which knife to go with, a more Japanese inspired knife, or German craftsmanship, look no further because MAC blended both styles of design into a hybrid collection of brilliant cutlery. The superior results appear upon every cut. 




Tatsuo Kobayashi of Seki, Japan went to school in Chicago back in 1954. Taking a job in a kitchen, he learned quickly about dull & heavy knives. He fabricated as best he could the knives on hand, which facilitated his growth at the restaurant! Returning home, Tatsuo became impassioned about creating a better knife. Today, MAC, which stands for macrocosm since Tatsuo wished to make his knives world renowned, have sold over 30 million knives globally since 1964!


The Straight-Cutting Edge

The MAC 5” Profession Utility Knife is something that is effortless. By that I mean some knives just don’t feel right or cut correctly. Everyone who has handled this knife thinks the same thing- It’s awesome! The specifics of how these knives are made are incredible! Taking the best of both world’s and innovating a material that is harder and sharper than other knives, really can be felt in using the MAC 5” Utility Knife for many needs in the kitchen. 


How Sharp Is It?

Knife Specs:

  • Knife Length: 8.94"
  • Weight: 2.3 oz
  • Blade Length: 4.94"
  • Blade Height: 1.02"
  • Blade Thickness: 2.0 mm
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    Reviewed by Charles Lewis on 2016 Jul 4th

    Pro quality - respect it - Extremely sharp!! Definitely not a toy. Solid and well balanced. It's not cheap but if properly cared for will easily last decades.

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