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Mac knives have been manufacturing professional chefs knives in Japan since 1964.  Chefs from all around the world use Mac knives.  To date, there have been over 25 million Mac knives sold globally.
Mac Professional Series Chef Knife is one of many excellent brands you will find as a chefs knife. Mac knives are manufactured in Seki city, Japan by Japanese craftsmen that focus on the utility of this precision tool; This is inclusive of its shape, assembly, polish, and sharpness.  
Mac professional chef knives have a unique competitive advantage by combining both the traditional Japanese single edge chisel and the western V shaped edge (not traditional western ,but slightly off center with a 45.5 degree angle.  This combination makes it a hybrid chefs knife with the ultimate versatility between extremely thin slicing capabilities while still maintaining the ability to cut an extremely straight cut.
It's no wonder Mac knives are globally well-known as these knives are manufactured in the same city famous for sword manufacturing.  The blade on Mac knives are made form extremely tough materials; Chrome Molybdenum Vanadium High-Carbon cutlery steel, with Tungsten added to selected models for extra durability and sharpness.  All blades are hand forged using water-cooled stones to get the best possible finished blade.  Mac claims their razor thin blades are sharper than other manufacturers and stay sharp longer. The steel has optimal hardness between 57º and 61º Rockwell C and is still easy to re-sharpen.
Mac knives have a loyal following of fans that use and prefer only Mac knives due to their unique hybrid quality.  
The Chef’s Knife in general is your all-in-one kitchen utility knife that you can depend on for a multitude of chopping, cutting, and more like just about anything you’d put on a cutting board.  The Mac Chef’s knife is more like a French chef knife.  This means it has a slightly curved edge compared to the traditional Japanese chef's knife.  The Mac Chefs knife comes with a limited lifetime warranty, giving you the peace of mind that this exquisite chefs tool will be safe in your kitchen and up to the challenge of any culinary dish you may consider.
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