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MAC - 3 PC Mighty Set with 8" Chef, 6.5" Santoku and 3.25" Paring

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Brand: Mac
Brand: Mac
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MAC - 3 PC Mighty Set with 8" Chef, 6.5" Santoku and 3.25" Paring Description

MAC - 2 PC Mighty Set with 8" Chef, 6.5" Santoku 3.25" Paring

MAC - 3-1/4" Professional Paring Knife - PKF30

This small paring knife is the most common size for peeling and paring.  Great for precision or intricate work off of the cutting board.  The pointed tip can be used for intricate melon carving or simply for removing the stems from strawberries and tomatoes.

MAC - 8" Professional Hollow Edge Chef's Knife - MTH-80

The MAC 8” Professional Hollow Edge Chef’s Knife will be your go-to knife guaranteed! The knife will feel like an extension of your hand as it glides through veggies and protein alike! The thin blade and bolster contain the perfect weight throughout the entire knife. Plus, the aesthetics of this knife are second to none!

Have you ever had to use someone else’s knife? And how that knife just felt wrong? The MAC 8” Professional Hollow Edge Chef’s Knife is the ultimate knife for everyday kitchen use. The 8” length is the ideal knife for all jobs in the kitchen, large and small. The added dimples allow sticky food to slide right off the knife.

MAC - 6-1/2" Professional Hollow Edge Santoku Knife - MSK-65

The iconic kitchen knife over the last decade.  The dimpled Santoku has become commonplace amongst the current household knife set.  Ours features the standard bolster of our Professional Series and dimples to help the knife glide through almost any food with ease.  The "knife of three virtues" is perfect for fruits/vegetables, meats, and fish.  This knife also features our sub-zero tempered steel which retains its edge better than our original steel.

MAC Knives are ridiculously sharp! The single bevel along with the western styled “V” shaped edge at a 45.5° angle is really the best of both world’s when it comes to cutlery! The MAC Knife corporation has the reputation of many known chefs as well as the experience to continue to bring the sharpest knives to market.


Why This Knife?


Product Specifications
Brand Mac
Product Length 8 inch
Series Mac Professional Series