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MAC - Japanese Vegetable Knife - JU65

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Brand: Mac
Brand: Mac
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MAC - Japanese Vegetable Knife - JU65 Description

MAC - Japanese Vegetable Knife - JU65

The thin, double-beveled edge of this Usuba is ideal for slicing and chopping most fruits and vegetables.  The straight edge allows the full length of the blade to come into contact with the cutting board without having to rock the knife.  Typically used by Japanese chefs for performing Katsura-muki, a Japanese technique for creating thin sheets of a cylindrical vegetable such as diakon radish and cucumbers.  Contrary to its name, this knife can be used as a multi-purpose knife for meats and seafood as well.  This knife should not be used as a heavy cleaver to chop through hard foods such as bones, frozen foods, etc.


Product Specifications
Brand Mac
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    Reviewed by Doc B on 2016 Jul 12th

    Best Veggie Cleaver - I am a vegetarian and as a result I tend to chop up lots of fresh veggies frequently. Do you know how hard it is to find a decent knife that cuts through tomatoes without mangling them? This knife if possibly one of the best knives around for slicing various veggies. It also got an excellent review on Americas Test Kitchen. This is an extremely sharp knife which actually makes it very safe to use. Turns slicing veggies into a joy rather than a minor pain in the! Worth every dime, it's the best.