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All Clad at Williams Food Equipment

Man Meets Metal
A legendary metallurgical engineer, John Ulam is the genius of all things metal. Getting bored with his 75 patents for revolutionary advancements on metals for coins, cars, and planes, John figured to make some pans since he was into cooking himself. In 1971, his bonded pans worked so well, they opened shop as All-Clad Metalcrafters.
John Envisioned A Better Pan
A pan that didn’t warp, tarnish, alter flavor, cook even and clean easily is what John envisioned. Bonding stainless steel and aluminum in the way only John could know how is what started All-Clad and its rise to fame. All-Clad is substantiates itself from the others with proprietary knowledge straight from the metal guru himself, Mr. John Ulam. 
Stay Where You Know It’s Best For You
All-Clad is enormously proud of their roots. Coming from the home of American aluminum and steel, Western Pennsylvania, John didn’t take but a second to realize open shop right here. Knowing the best and most knowledgeable people are all ready born and raised into the metal world near Canonsburg, recruit your staff from your own city. Family values hold true with All-Clad. 
So Much To Choose From!
The #1 reason All-Clad is a great start on your cookware search is that they have so many different metals to choose. Every All-Clad vessel is of utmost quality. But, if you are really into cooking, and have some extra resources available, the All-Clad C4 Copper 10 Piece Cookware Set is completely magnificent! And again, All-Clad is a metal crafting company, so their whisks are made with quality materials as well.
Mr. Ulam Is The Prize
Mr. John Ulam and his 75 patents speaks volumes on the credibility of All-Clad. His passion for cooking started All-Clad. Mr. Ulam was phenomenally successful without cookware. Their website indicates it takes a dozen skilled hands to bring an All-Clad pot or pan to market. That’s an award for us, the buyer, knowing that kind of diligence is involved. 
Time-Tested Methods = All-Clad
Doing it the right way is why All-Clad is an incredible company. They vow to keep things old-fashioned: By stacking, heating then pressurizing, cooling, level setting and cutting. It takes some skilled people to create All-Clad. Applying All-Clad in your kitchen is your reward!
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