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AccuSharp - GardenSharp Tool Sharpener - 006C

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Brand: Accusharp
Brand: Accusharp
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AccuSharp - GardenSharp Tool Sharpener - 006C Description

The tungsten carbide sharpeners of the GardenSharp are of high grade industrial quality and are one of the hardest materials known. 

The full length finger guard protects fingers while the reversible diamond-honed tungsten carbide blade puts your cutting edge in “good as new” condition. GardenSharp® will not rust and can be cleaned with soap and water, or in the dishwasher. Florists, landscapers, and gardeners of all kinds need the GardenSharp® Tool Sharpener.

How To Use:

Straddle the cutting edge of the tool being sharpened with the "v" shaped notch formed in the sharpener. Place the more visible carbide insert against the side of the tool that has a beveled edge. This should be the side that you want to sharpen. With the head of the GardenSharp at about a 90 degree angle to the tool's edge, press down LIGHTLY using thumb pressure to draw the GardenSharp along tjhe edge of the tool. Work in one direction only, not back and forth! You will feel the tungsten carbide sharpener removing metal from the tool. Several passes may be required before the tool's beveled edge conforms to the proper angle to the GardenSharp. Once that angle is achieved then two or three passes should be sufficient to bring the tool back to a sharp edge. REMEMBER: LIGHT PRESSURE IS SUFFICIENT.

  • Made in the USA.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Commercial grade reversible blades.
  • Renew your edges in an instant.
  • Safety hand grip prevents cuts.
  • Diamond-honed tungsten carbide blades.
Product Specifications
Brand Accusharp
Height 0
type Hand Held
Limited Lifetime No
Pieces 1 pc