Wusthof - Kitchen Shears

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Wusthof - Kitchen Shears Description

These powerful 8-inch kitchen shears cut food, flowers, paper, cardboard, even carpet. They're balanced in the hand and work equally well for right-handers and left-handers. Blades formed from high-carbon stainless steel curve inward so they meet in only one place at any given position and cutting action is smooth and exact. One blade's serrations prevent slippage. A plastic cap on the screw securing the blades can be lifted so the shears can be taken apart for resharpening. Steel-tooth insets in the rugged synthetic handles twist open bottle and jar caps. The shears are dishwasher-safe, but hand washing better protects the blade edges.


  • From snipping fresh herbs, cutting flowers, fins, paper and twines, kitchen shears are essential helpers in every kitchen.
  • Kitchen shears with come-apart mechanism for easy cleaning.
  • Colour: Black.
  • 21 cm (8").
  • Stainless.
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    Reviewed by Rachel on 2016 Jul 7th

    A Solid Product - I bought these shears for a number of reasons. My 20+ years old shears had lost their cutting edge and badly needed replacement. I was looking for a pair of shears that you can pull apart to clean and built with precision and quality. Another plus for me is that it works for left handers such as me. Although I found "odd" to use at first - left handers are used to work "backward", it has been an easy transition. I owned many Wushof knives and appreciate the design and balance of each item, perfect weight. The scissors are worth their price in gold.

Brand Wusthof
Warranty Information Limited Lifetime
Series Scissors & Shears