Wusthof - 6.5" Classic Hollow Edge Santoku Knife

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Wusthof - 6.5" Classic Hollow Edge Santoku Knife Description

The santoku is one of the most versatile tools in the kitchen, so be sure to pick one out to add to your collection of equipment as soon as possible. The Wusthof 6.5’’ Classic Hollow Edge Santoku Knife is capable of breaking down meat, veggies, fruit, and more with ease. The hollow edge design is an important part of this product, as it helps food to come away from the blade easily after it has been cut. Also, the blade itself is made from quality high-carbon stainless steel, and it is riveted to the synthetic handle.

This knife is sure to feel good in your hand while in use, and it has a finger guard and full bolster to keep your fingers safely out of harm's way. With just a little bit of practice, this is very likely to become your favorite knife in the entire kitchen. Order today!

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    Reviewed by Frank on 2016 Jun 30th

    Great knife that will be your favourite! - I have been using the Wusthof Santoku Knife for several months. It has a good balance and feel. You are able to slice and dice like a Pro. The blade is thin but still rigid enough to cut and slice straight, allowing very thin slices. It cuts meat very well and is very, very sharp. The edge is ground to a very narrow angle. Looks to be about 7 to 10 degrees. The shallow edge angle is what allows it to be so sharp. Due to the very thin edge of the blade, it should not be used for chopping or heavy duty cutting. The steel used is excellent and holds its edge forever. I touch it up occasionally with a ceramic sharpener. It only takes a couple of swipes with the ceramic. I think it is as sharp now as the day I received it. The dropped point is a great design. I use the back of the point to scrape garbage off of the cutting board.

Brand Wusthof
Warranty Information Limited Lifetime
Series Classic