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Staub - 6.45 QT Braise and Grill Pan

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SKU: HEN-40511679
Brand: Staub
SKU: HEN-40511679
Brand: Staub
Was: $600.00
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Staub - 6.45 QT Braise and Grill Pan Description
Staub Cocotte Banner
Staub's cast-iron Cocotte is now even more versatile with a lid that converts to a grill  pan. When you're not using the large 7-qt. cocotte for braising, browning and simmering, the two-handled lid flips over to reveal ridges ideal for grilling foods on  the stovetop.


  • 7Qt. Capacity, 11" diam., 6" high with lid.
  • 2-in-1 Cocotte and grill pan
  • High ridges on lid interior for grilling foods with grill marks
  • Black matte enamel interior coating, creates a non-stick surface
  • provides the ideal surface for braising, roasting and caramelizing
  • Heavyweight enameled cast iron transfers and retains heat eve
  • Enamel coating is highly chip resistant and impervious to discoleration

Staub Black Matte Enameled Interior

The interior of all Staub pots are enameled with a matte black finish.

  • The high-quality enamel offers improved resistance to thermal shocks and scratching, making care easier.
  • It has ideal properties for searing, roasting and caramelizing food.
  • Favored by amateurs and great chefs alike, the enamel has anti-adhesive properties and requires no​
    seasoning before first use.
  • ​Easy to clean and convenient to use.
  • Cadmium Free / Lead Free / PFOA Free / PTFE Free​

Taste the excellence of a Natural Simmering System

For centuries, cooks have taken advantage of the natural heat retention and redistribution properties of cast iron.

Enameled cast iron also retains the cold; to chill, you only have to put your preparations in the refrigerator before serving them.

Savory flavors are revealed thanks to simmering meals enhanced by continuous self-basting. The choice of renowned chefs and used in restaurants throughout the world, the Staub cocotte has a cover with spikes which enable drops of condensation to fall uniformly onto the food simmering below. This self-basting cycle ensures the flavors of the ingredients are retained in their full intensity and their nutritional worth is preserved perfectly!

Due to the superior construction of the Staub cocotte lids, less humidity can escape during the cooking process. 10% more moisture is retained inside the Staub cocotte after 55 minutes cooking time than in products from competitors.

The self basting system consisting of distributed spikes over the whole inside flat lid ensures a continuous rainfall effect over the food inside the cocotte. The Staub self basting system in the lid is 9 times more effective than conventional lids.



Staub Cast Iron - How It's Made

Product Specifications
Brand Staub
Series Round Dutch Ovens
Color Cherry
Capacity 6.1L (6.45 Qt)
Diameter 28cm (11 Inch)
Height 15.5cm (6.1 Inch)
Material Enamelled Cast Iron
Heat Source Broiler, Electirc, Gas, Halogen, Induction, Oven
Country of Origin France
Induction Ready Yes