Le Creuset - 12" (30cm) Cherry Iron Handle Skillet

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Le Creuset - 12" (30cm) Cherry Iron Handle Skillet Description

Everything in life has its pros and cons, but a cast-iron skillet might just be as close to perfection as can be achieved. Cast-iron has great heat retention properties, it is durable, and it is great to look at as well. Le Creuset has been working with cast-iron for decades and for good reason - is is a great material for cookware. This 12’’ Cherry Iron Handle Skillet is a versatile piece of gear that can pan fry, saute, braise, and much more. Also, it is dishwasher safe so you can clean up quickly and easily when finished cooking.

The enamel that is used on this product is one of the keys to its durability, as it will resist general wear and tear over the years. Investing in Le Creuset products is a great choice for the serious chef simply because these items are likely to be in your kitchen for the long run. Order yours today!

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    Reviewed by Mark on 2016 Nov 17th

    Good Quality - I'm so happy I ordered the Le Creuset 12" skillet, you can really see it's a top quality product. The service at Williams Food Equipment and the packaging is the best you can expect.

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    Reviewed by Brenda on 2016 Nov 10th

    Great product! Worth the investment. - I love how everything cooks in it. My food is cooked evenly and has a better overall taste. It does not hold odors or tastes at all. It is very easy to clean up and maintain. Although it says you don't need to season, I do add a coat of olive oil after washing it that I wipe off before putting it away. I haven't washed it in the dishwasher, nor do I recommend it.

    One of my favourite things to make it in it skillet cookies! I will be buying the silicone handle because the pan gets hot in the oven. Great product!

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    Reviewed by Sarah on 2016 Jun 13th

    I love Le Creuset - I love Le Creuset cookware. This pan is no different. I would recommend that you do not start cooking with it on high, it's best to begin at a medium heat and then work up to high so foods don't stick. I cook with gas and this browns, sautes, and cooks beautifully and evenly. The clean up is easy too. You don't have to, but after cleaning the pan I usually swipe around some olive oil before I hang it up to help keep the iron seasoned.

Brand Le Creuset
Warranty Information Limited Lifetime
Series Fry, Saute, & Grill Pans
Color Cherry
Diameter 30cm (11.75 Inch)
Induction Ready Yes
Material Enamelled Cast Iron
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty
Heat Source Broiler, Electirc, Gas, Halogen, Induction, Oven
Cleaning Dishwasher-Safe
Country of Origin France