ICM - 750 ml Tourbillon Wine Aerating Carafe

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ICM - 750 ml Tourbillon Wine Aerating Carafe Description
An upscale addition to the bar and celebration table, the Tourbillon Wine Aerating Carafe is truly for the wine mavens. Designed with turns and twists, it serves as a wine decanter as well as wine aerator, enhancing the flavour and aroma of the wine. When poured, the wine cascades towards the bottom, creating a beautiful scene to watch. The extra-wide spout allows easy pouring and flow of wine into the glass carafe.
  • Intensifies the scent of the wine
  • Gives wine smooth finishing taste
  • Stunning curves and swirls offer better grip and chic appeal to the carafe
  • Open spout makes pouring wine easy
  • Aerates your wine twice: once when you pour it in and again when you serve your guests
  • Dishwasher safe 
Brand WFE
Capacity 750 ml
Material Glass