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The Glencairn - Official Whisky Glass

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SKU: ICM-309001501
Brand: Glencairn
SKU: ICM-309001501
Brand: Glencairn
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The Glencairn - Official Whisky Glass Description

History Of The Glass:

Champagne, Brandy, Wine... each has its own glass. Yet whisky, the worlds most complex spirit can be found served in anything from hiball tumblers to Paris goblets.
In 2001 Glencairn Crystal solved the problem of identifying the ideal glass for whisky.

Designed by Raymond Davidson nearly 25 years earlier, its development involved pulling together the master blenders from the five largest whisky companies and asking them to perfect his initial design.

Today the Glencairn Glass can be found at every distillery in Scotland, Ireland, Wales as well as most in the USA.

Design of the Glass:

  • These are great to use for any of your Single Malt Whisky's, Irish Whiskey's, and also your single barrel bourbons.
  • With the tapered mouth, you are able to really smell all of the nuances the whisky has to offer. Any malt advocate will love this glass!
  • It's roots lie in the traditional nosing glasses used by blenders around the world.
  • The unique and stylish shape has been crafted with eminent care, to enhance the enjoyment of whisky.
  • The tapering mouth allows an ease of drinking not associated with traditional nosing glasses whilst capturing the aromas on the nose.
  • The wide bowl allows for the fullest appreciation of the whisky's colour and the solid base is designed to be easy on the hand.
Product Specifications
Brand Glencairn