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EmberGlo - 25WC Kabob 36" Open Front Liquid Propane Charbroiler 240V - 5110505

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SKU: EMG-5110505
Brand: EmberGlo
SKU: EMG-5110505
Brand: EmberGlo
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EmberGlo - 25WC Kabob 36" Open Front Liquid Propane Charbroiler 240V - 5110505 Description
EmberGlo's Fire Breathing Legend!

EmberGlo now offers a professional grade Kabob Gas Char-Broiler. Shish Kabob has always been a popular and versatile dish, celebrated by various cultures for centuries. The EmberGlo Kabob Gas Char-Broiler is incredibly versatile in cooking almost anything that can be placed on a skewer. Its uses are only limited to your imagination.

The grill top is designed especially for broiling Shish Kabobs. The ten skewers that are included with the broiler can accommodate large pieces of meat such as beef, chicken, lamb, pork, seafood or veggies. Char broiled foods retain their delicious natural flavours, juices and have that great outdoor char-broiled taste.

EmberGlo’s eye-catching glowing hearth will reach a temperature of 1600°F, searing your meats to preserve their natural flavour. Only EmberGlo Gas Char Broilers feature the special inshot gas burners that supply broiling heat to a durable, completely ceramic hearth. The ceramic Barbriq transmit searing radiant heat to the meat utilizing its natural juices and creating more natural fuel.

Burner jets are located along the sides, in the recessed hearth, instead of below it. This design prevents the jets from becoming clogged with dripping grease or food particles.

Open hearth gas broilers feature EmberGlo’s exclusive Flaretrol system—the most effective means of flame control for open hearth broiling. When grease starts to flare up, simply flip the Flaretrol switch and a steady stream of air brings the flames under control. EmberGlo’s open hearth broilers give that great outdoor flavour with indoor convenience.

Kabob broilers come with a set of stainless steel skewers. They do not come with a grill grate.

  • Completely constructed in stainless steel
  • All ceramic broiling hearth
  • Radiant heat cooking
  • Flame control with our unique system
  • Easy maintenance & operation
  • No messy grease trays
  • Versatile hearth set-up of ceramic BARBRIQ
  • Reaches temperature of 1600°F
  • Zero recovery time
  • Rigid durable construction
  • Self-cleaning hearth
  • Single gas heat control valve
  • Clog-free side-mounted inshot 'Cobra' gas burner heads
  • Outdoor flavour indoors
  • Made in the USA

This item is not warehoused by Williams Food Equipment, processing times, delivery times and availability may vary. If this item is required by a certain date, please contact Williams Food Equipment before ordering to ensure delivery times can be met. It may not be possible to cancel this item once ordered and may be non-returnable. If returnable this item may be subject to restocking charges and return delivery fees outside of the control of Williams Food Equipment. If you have any questions about this item or the terms above, please call us at 1-888-334-3233 or email us at 

Product Specifications
Brand EmberGlo
Model 25WC Kabob
Fuel Type Liquid Propane
Front Open
Grill Size 30.75" W x 15.6" D / 480
Flaretrol Electrical 240V
Maximum BTU/Hr Input 47,200
# of Burners 6
BTU Per Burner 2 @ 6,600 & 4 @ 8,500
Dimensions 35.9" W x 18.25″ D x 19.5″ H
Country of Origin USA
Certifications NSF

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