Durgol - 16.9 Oz Milk System & Frother Cleaner

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Durgol - 16.9 Oz Milk System & Frother Cleaner Description

Durgol Milk System & Frother Cleaner, 16.9 fl. oz.

Everyone who loves coffee knows that enjoying a homemade latte, cappuccino, or even hot chocolate is a delicious treat. Whether you have a fully automated coffee machine, pod or espresso machine, adding that delicious milk to your drink brings the cafe experience to your home. Keeping your milk system and frother clean and free from bacteria, milk fat, buildup, and limescale is essential for your health as well as the health of your machine. Sanitary, yet gentle to equipment, durgol Milk System and Frother Cleaner is exactly what you need to clean and maintain your equipment.

While Durgol Milk System and Frother cleaner is easy to use, we always recommend first referring to your machine's owner's manual for instructions on how to use cleaning products and descalers properly. Simply add the suggested amount of cleaner into your system's milk reservoir (we suggest 2 capfuls) and fill the rest with water. Then start the cleaning cycle and follow the instructions in the owner's manual. Collect the cleaning solution and place removable parts in the solution for up to 15 minutes. Rinse all parts thoroughly with water, and follow your machine's instructions for rinsing the milk system as well. You are now ready to enjoy frothed milk with a bacteria-free, clean system, free of buildup. Descaling will extend the life of your machine and eliminate harmful buildup that can cause your frother and milk system to fail in the long run.


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Brand Durgol