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Canpour - Tall Whiskey / Canadian Shot Glass 1 oz (28ml) - Box of 12

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Brand: Williams
Brand: Williams
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Canpour - Tall Whiskey / Canadian Shot Glass 1 oz (28ml) - Box of 12 Description

Currently 98.4% of all Canadian licensees pour a traditional US one ounce (30ml) shot glass. Liquor Control and Licensing laws across Canada state that licensees must pour a Canadian (28ml) ounce. CAN-POUR offers the only Canadian ounce (28ml) shot glass that has been tested for accuracy by the Government of Canada. A CAN-POUR shot glass is designed to look identical to the traditional 30ml (1 US Ounce) shot glass. Using CAN-POUR, you can generate the same revenue while purchasing 7% less liquor. Instead of 40 shots from a 40oz, you'll get 42-43 (80ml). 

Priced per Dozen.

Item No. CAN-CP2800
Capacity: 1 oz / 28 ml
Height: 2 7/8"
Top Diameter: 1 3/4"
Bottom Diameter: 1 1/4"
Maximum Diameter: 1 3/4"
Product Specifications
Brand Williams
Capacity 1 oz / 28ml