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Zwilling - 3 Stage Pull Through Sharpener

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SKU: HEN-32525300
SKU: HEN-32525300
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Zwilling - 3 Stage Pull Through Sharpener Description
  • Quickly and safely sharpens your blades and scissors
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Comfortable handle also protects fingers
  • Two stages, coarse and fine
  • Scissor slot


  • How to Use: Knife (not suitable for serrated knives):
    • 1. Insert the knife perpendicular to the sharpener into the Coarse slot
    • 2. Using moderate pressure, pull the knife through the slot from the head to the tip. Repeat this action as necessary up to 20 times depending on the dullness of the blade.
    • 3. Move the blade to the Fine slot. Using light pressure, pull the knife through the slot from the heel to the tip. Repeat 5-10 times.
    • 4. Wipe your blade clean.5. To check sharpness, draw your knife through a piece of scrap paper. If the blade slices the paper easily without tearing, it is sharp.If not, repeat steps 1-4.
  • Scissors:
    • 1. While holding the scissors with your dominant hand, open them slightly to insert into the slot.
    • 2. Gently close the blades around the ceramic sharpening grit and pull back. Repeat this motion 5-7 times. Do not push scissors through.
    • 3. As with the knives, test the scissors’ sharpness on a piece of paper. If necessary, repeat steps 1-2.
Product Specifications
Brand Zwilling J.A. Henckels
Type Sharpener
Color Black & White